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Arrowhead Landscape Services partners with you to achieve your Denver landscaping services goals

Arrowhead Landscape Services is a leading provider of premier landscape maintenance in Colorado. With over 45 years of experience, on-staff horticulturists and a standard of excellence rarely seen in the landscape services industry, Arrowhead continues to exceed clients’ expectations with our quality of work and our customer service.

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HOA & Multi-Family

Arrowhead Landscape Services has been the landscaping company of choice for homeowners throughout Colorado Front Range. We understand that our clients want a neighborhood that is safe, well-maintained, and beautiful. Therefore, we work with you to create an attractive landscape plan that increases your property's value. Arrowhead Landscape Services provides professional, simple, and timely solutions that will give you the most bang for your buck.

Class A Office

Arrowhead Landscape Services provides professional and efficient landscaping services for offices and Class A campuses. Our combination of plantings and hardscapes can create positive visual appeal and increase safety. We offer timely delivery, clear communication, and competitive value to exceed your expectations while staying within your budget.


When aesthetics matter, count on us to deliver a landscaping environment that enhances the overall experience for your hotel and resort guests. No matter what your budget, we can transform your grounds into a lush haven that makes every step memorable. We can install and maintain landscaping around your pathways, fountains, entrances, and throughout your grounds, with professionalism and excellence.

Corporate & Institutional

We mow the lawn and crunch the numbers. Our corporate clients understand and value how their property's look is linked to their public brand image. We develop landscape management plans that take into account environmental safety, resource management and sustainable business practices. On a business level, our clients benefit from our proficiency with long-term budget forecasting, capital needs assessment, and ROI analysis. On the ground, micro-environments across properties may require unique equipment and skills for amenities such as sport courts & fields, indoor/outdoor eating & meeting spaces or parking structures.


For retail properties, precise landscape and hardscape maintenance is crucial. It is important to provide services that support the property manager and cater to tenants without disrupting business hours. Services such as sweeping and pressure cleaning, trash pickup, median strip planting, hedge pruning, or lighting must all be managed carefully to ensure public safety and draw in consumers.


Arrowhead has a Dedicated Municipal Division  who work solely on special district and municipal projects. We operate with a high degree of professionalism, which allows us to continually deliver the timely completion of critical landscape projects and meet the highest standards of our special district and municipal clients.

Arrowhead provides the cities and specials districts a Landscape Maintenance partner who will exceed the established standards of performance, communicate effectively and address problem resolution efficiently. We believe these actions are integral to the successful outcome of the agreement.


Regardless of the size of your roads or property, Arrowhead offers a tailored snow removal plan for commercial properties of all sizes. We develop accumulation rate maps and tailor plans for parking lots, roadways, and sidewalks to safely manage snow and ice in an environmentally sound way that minimizes damage to your landscape.

We are committed to providing the best experience to our clients and offer all the latest storm management technology to ensure maximum efficiency, safety, and reliability. We seek a proactive approach to storm management and snow removal, and we pride ourselves in the management of each weather-related event and take your safety needs very seriously. Our staff has decades of experience and the breadth of knowledge and resources needed to accommodate even the toughest of storms – keeping the public safe and healthy.


Arrowhead Landscape Services can help beautify your property, lower water costs, and reduce water usage and waste, while creating a more sustainable landscape. We can help you create a Water Management Plan customized for each client through evaluating existing landscapes and audits. We help our clients incorporate best practices in installations and maintenance. Our customers have saved thousands of dollars through our recommended plans.

Our trained and certified irrigation technicians will evaluate your irrigation system, recommend, and install upgrades to maximize system efficiency and reduce landscape water use.


Arrowhead Landscape Services offers enhancements, renovations, and restoration for your commercial property's landscape. We will help with designing and building displays, adding seasonal color, maintaining hardscapes, and providing turf conversion services. We assist our clients with landscape construction including excavation, lighting, erosion control and reclamation.